retail digital signage

Digital Signage

A simple software driven solution to manage retail
campaigns, across multiple stores & screens

There’s a huge number of benefits to conducting in store retail campaigns through digital screens. Not only is it proven that digital signage affects purchasing decisions in nearly half of all audiences, but it also entices 80% of shoppers to enter stores in the first place.

multiple screen with
one network

Give access and permissions to different store managers through user and team features. Create customised content to personalise the shopping experience and let your customers become part of the brand.

Easy to use

React to customer queries, stock product levels and real time marketing by dragging and dropping new content into playlists, or editing schedules from anywhere in the world.

Convey your
customer values

We constantly revisit our apps and add or improve them based on user feedback. This means we have one of the slickest app interfaces around, that will make your office look amazing.

Capture up to
400% more attention

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated. Voyr
is the easiest way for businesses to quickly display
useful content on a lightweight display. Perfect for
any application, from restaurants and bars, hotels,
shopping malls and trade shows.

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